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Doctor claims households earning over £90,000-a-year should pay more tax
Dr Anita Raja made the assertion on Good Morning Britain today as the NHS continues to face pressures with long waiting times for appointments and at A&E.
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DailyMail UK
Forget BMI, it’s metabolic health we should focus on – here are 5 ways to optimise it
Metabolic health is all the rage right now on social media, but what can we actually do to improve it? .Read Complete
Stylist UK
GP shares two winter bugs spreading in UK – and how tell if you have a cold or the flu
With the cold weather wearing down your body’s defences against infection and festive gatherings prompting people to flock indoors.Read Complete
Express UK
Doctors on how to treat 10 of the most common Christmas health issues
It is the most wonderful time of the year – but also the worst time to get ill or injured. Not only because it spoils celebrations that have been weeks or even months in the planning, .Read Complete
iNews UK
Health expert reveals how smoking impacts different areas of the body
Fewer people could be quitting smoking since they started working from home during the pandemic, new research suggests…Read Complete
Daily record
Are you guilty of second-screening? Here’s how it could impact your health
In the age of social media, phones, and streaming services, an attention deficit is hitting us all hard. ..Read Complete
The Mail+
The NHS Is Worse Now Than During The Pandemic

As consultants and junior doctors in England prepare to take joint action this week for the first time, medics explain what it’s like working in an NHS in crisis…Read Complete

GPs at ‘breaking point’ in England’s most deprived areas

One in every five GP practices in England and Wales has closed since 2013, according to Sky News analysis of NHS data. Doctors are now warning that staff shortages are putting primary care provision at serious risk…..
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Arab News
Dr Anita Raja on maintaining the health of the profession
GP and wellbeing advocate, Dr Anita Raja, spoke to Medworld about her experiences as a doctor and the challenges of maintaining good mental health in the profession….Read Complete
Lung cancer: Little-known symptom that strikes at night could signal deadly disease

Common lung cancer symptoms include coughing up blood and breathlessness, but Dr Anita Raja has shared one warning sign that is often overlooked…
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Mirror UK
‘People aren’t safe’ in hospitals due to the pressures on NHS staff, says Dr Anita Raja

Dr Anita Raja says ’12 hours in A&E is all you need to do’ to understand the pressures on NHS staff, and believes that ‘people aren’t safe’ in hospital. ….
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The Global Herald
GMB’s Kate Garraway’s horror after husband Derek ‘slips out of wheelchair’ in taxi

Good Morning Britain’s Kate Garraway has opened up about the horrific moment husband Derek fell out of his wheelchair during….Read Complete

Yorkshire Live’s
Watch: Richard Madeley taken down over striking doctors comments
GMB’s Richard Madeley was taken down over striking doctors. Dr Anita Raja has been praised for dismanlting the presenter’s argument with clear facts… Read Complete
Spotted News
NHS at ‘breaking point’ with waiting list in England hitting new high of 7.2 million people

GPs have described the NHS performance figures as “shameful” because they expose a health service “at breaking point” with England’s record-high hospital waiting ….
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itv News
GP crisis: how did things go so wrong, and what needs to change?
There has to come a point where doctors decide, I can’t do my job any more – and then the situation will spiral out of control. I would use the term ‘crisis’: so many parts of the NHS… Read Complete
The Conversation
GPs at ‘breaking point’ in England’s most deprived areas

GP practices are under growing strain, with Sky News analysis revealing a “vicious cycle” of workload pressures and recruitment shortfalls in England’s most deprived neighbourhoods…
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Sky News
Electric headset for treating depression trialled by NHS
CPatients who have tried wearing the device say it has helped with their symptoms – but questions remain over its use.The NHS is trialling an …
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Sky News
We are drowning every day’: why Britain’s GPs are quitting the NHS

Claire Murphy is a GP in the sleepy market town of St Neots, nestled around the banks of the River Great Ouse in Cambridgeshire….
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The Times UK
Seaweed and sea moss are set to be big food trends in 2023 – but how nutritious are they?

Once the preserve of sushi rolls, seaweed has made it from the seabed all the way to the supermarket shelf. The question is: why?…
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Stylist UK
Insomnia or orthosomnia? Why knowing the difference could lead to better sleep, according to doctors
You’re doing all you can to rest well and avoid insomnia but could your quest for ‘perfect’ sleep actually be keeping you awake? …Read Complete
Did talcum powder cause the cancer that killed Maureen?
When Maureen Wright was diagnosed with ovarian cancer, both she and her husband Jeffrey were left reeling in disbelief. Maureen simply did not fit the profile..Read Complete
Newscabal UK
Sleep Well
It is more difficult to get a good night’s sleep as we get older,” states Dr Anita Raja of one of the dilemmas faced as we age.“During perimenopause and…Read Complete
Goldster UK
NHS at ‘breaking point with a waiting list in England hitting a new high of 7.2 million people

GPs have described the NHS performance figures as “shameful” because they expose a health service “at breaking point” with England’s…Read Complete

itv news
Cost of living: ‘I couldn’t tell the real bills from scams

The Money and Mental Health Policy Institute says demands from debt collectors are leaving some people unable to see a way out of trouble as the cost of living…Read Complete

If you really want to understand the economy, meet the small firms fighting for survival

first thing this morning, the GDP data for October was published. We received the latest official snapshot of the UK economy in plain English…. Read Complete

How to talk to your kids about vaping

Children as young as 12 are being sold vapes illegally, according to new research from the Chartered Trading Standards Institute (….Read Complete

The Independent
Forget BMI, it’s metabolic health we should focus on – here are 5 ways to optimise it
Metabolic health is getting all the attention right now, but why is it important and how can you improve it? The experts explain…Read Complete
Hypersomnia: Symptoms, causes, and treatments

Sleep is essential for a person’s health, and people who feel tired on occasion often boost their energy levels by taking a nap or ensuring restful shut-eye the next evening…Read Complete

Live Science
GPs reveal why some kids are ‘always catching bugs’
From coughs and colds to the latest vomiting bug sweeping schools or nurseries, kids are surrounded by bugs. But does it ever feel like your child is catching ALL of them,..Read Complete
Pill syndrome is it real
The term ‘post-pill syndrome’ was first coined in 2008 by Dr Aviva Romm in her book Botanical Medicine for Women’s Health. It was based on individual symptoms experienced by women when they come off hormonal contraceptive pills..Read Complete
Free prescriptions for all!’ Calls to expand eligibility as those over the 60s could lose the benefit
The Government has previously explored raising the threshold that someone gets free prescriptions in England to the state pension age, which is 66. Currently, people can access ..Read Complete
Express UK

Dr. Anita Raja